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Mux is a sandbox instrument from another dimension.

You are an inventor of sound machines: Connect components to build your own sounds, filters, instruments, compositions, and interactive experiences!

Available now through Steam Early Access. (Requires a HTC Vive VR headset)

Each component, a unique function

There are more than 100. Combine them in countless ways:


Generators, such as osc, noise and metronome, produce continuous signals that can either be used as a source of sound, or as a way to control your rythm!


Change your signals with filters or artihmatic components such as add, multiply, divide, and more..


Wire together logical loops using event-components, such as dispatch, compare, and gate.

And many more...

Build Sound

Access the power of the modular synthesizer. Explore and create the fundamental building blocks of sound, in the most physical way. Hold an oscillator the size of a mango!

Blend patching and programming

If you look closer, MuX is a full audiovisual programming language. Using event-components, you can build powerful circuitry. Build the ultimate instrument, or an 'intelligent' computer, if that's your wish.

Console access

You have access to an in-game computer, that can also respond to events, and execute a wide range of commands, such as load, save, import, spawn, and more...

OSC support

Communicate with other software, such as Max, Pure Data, Ableton, and more.

Build Knowledge

MuX is ideal for engaging, productivity-based learning. Gain real knowledge about math, physics, programming and sound.

(Are you an educator / educational instuitution? Contact us to learn more about MuX for Education.)

Join the Community

Share your creations, download those made by others, and join a global community of composers, performers and engineers!